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Kingdom Customs is now on Facebook

You’re invited to come join Kingdom Customs on the world wide web by becoming our friend on Facebook.  By becoming our friend on Facebook you will have access to additional photos and happenings here in the Kingdom Customs world…

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Do You Ship to Japan?

Absolutely!  And anywhere else in the world for that matter.  Believe it or not, we get asked that question a lot.  I guess to most people it might seem strange to ship a motorcycle halfway around the world, but not to us.  We welcome the challenge and are very excited to have a Stiletto representing Kingdom Customs in Japan.  The following photos show us packing up the Stiletto for it’s air freight journey to Japan.

This photo shows the base of our shipping crate.  A wooden saddle will be inserted along the middle of the base so that the frame is resting on solid wood.  Each tire will rest in the custom cut drop outs so that the entire weight of the bike is supported by the saddle. We do this so the suspension does not have to be compressed for long periods of time during shipping.  As you can see, every surface that makes contact with the bike is covered in carpet to eliminate any potential scratches in the paint.

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Custom Grill Fabrication

Each Stiletto is built with a custom chin scoop that is designed to direct airflow towards the oil cooler. The scoop is accented with a custom hand-fabricated grill which not only looks good, but is extremely functional as well.  We thought you might like to see some of the stages that go into fabricating such a relatively small piece.  From concept to completion, each hand-crafted Stiletto component goes through the same process to ensure that every part, big or small, is constructed to the highest level of design and fabrication excellence.  Please enjoy our process…

In this photo, you can see that the scoop is completely prepped.  All painted areas are covered with blue tape to make sure no paint is scratched.  Already installed is the wire mesh screen which serves two purposes.  The most obvious is to protect the oil cooler from damage by any debris that may get kicked up while riding.  The second purpose, being more aesthetic, is to provide a visual break between the actual grill and the oil cooler itself.  It makes it more visually appealing.  The screen is then rimmed with a stainless steel border which cleans up the edges and completes the look.

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Kingdom Customs in Pacific Edge Magazine

Check out the current issue of Pacific Edge magazine in the Edgelines section.  Here you will find a brief write up on Kingdom Customs and a photo of the Stiletto.  To read the write up in the online version of the magazine, click here.  We want to thank Natalie Schack and the rest of the staff at Pacific Edge magazine for including us in this months issue.

Silent Auction Winner

Congratulations to Mr. Toshi Funaki for placing the winning bid at the 2011 Sony Open silent auction.  At Mr. Funaki’s request, his new Stiletto will be flown to Japan and used to represent the IDEC corporation at various events.  We want to thank Mr. Funaki for supporting the Friends of Hawaii Charities and Kingdom Customs.  100% of the auction proceeds go directly to the Friends of Hawaii Charities and are used to support the needy here in our home state of Hawaii.

Dan Kokubun (left), Toshi Funaki (center), and James Kometani

Kingdom Customs @ the Waikiki

Stiletto in the Prefunction Gallery @ the Edition Hotel Waikiki

Wednesday night saw the Stiletto on display at the Waikiki Edition Hotel.  The Friends of Hawaii Charities hosted a private reception for sponsors, friends, and pros entitled “Just Between Friends”.  To support the Friends of Hawaii Charities silent auction of the Stiletto, Kingdom Customs representatives were on hand to answer questions about the auction and to assist people in registering to bid.  Sony Corporation also had several displays showcasing their newest 3D technology and Playstation equipment. Combined with the beautiful surroundings of the Edition Hotel and first rate food, everyone in attendance had a wonderful time.

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A Red Carpet Premier

The calm before the storm. The Stiletto looking at home on the red carpet for the premier of the Greeen Hornet

Kingdom Customs was pleased to have the Stiletto on display at the Ward Theaters for the premier of the Green Hornet Movie.  Although the Stiletto was not featured in the movie, it was included in the festivities to help draw attention to the Stiletto silent auction which was handled by the Friends of Hawaii Charities.  The premier, which ran in conjunction with the Sony Open Pro-Am draw party, was one of the many events that occurred during the week of the Sony Open.  With many top international executives from Sony Corporation in attendance, Kingdom Customs was exposed to a world-wide audience.  We want to thank the Sony Corporation and the Friends of Hawaii Charities for allowing us to be involved.

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Stiletto on display at the Kahala Hotel and Resort

Gracing the entrance to the beautiful Kahala Hotel and Resort

A beautiful motorcycle deserves a beautiful backdrop!  The Stiletto looked completely at home against the stunning backdrop of the elegant Kahala Hotel and Resort.  As a lead up to the 2011 Sony Open in Hawaii, the Kahala Hotel and Resort was kind enough to allow the Stiletto to be displayed throughout the Hotel during the Sony Open week festivities.  This was a great opportunity to highlight the Friends of Hawaii Charities and generate enthusiasm for the Stiletto silent auction.  We want to extend our deepest gratitude to all the fine people at the Kahala Hotel and Resort for being to so accommodating throughout the week.

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A Work of Art

Metal Art

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Golf goodies

Kingdom Customs Zero Friction Golf Tees

UPS just dropped off this shipment of zero gravity golf tees and Titleist Pro V1 golf balls each printed  with the Kingdom Customs logo.  Make sure to stop by and see our display at the 2011 Sony Open in Hawaii at the  Waialae Country Club and grab some of these golf goodies.  While I can’t promise that they will make you a better golfer, I can say that they sure will make you look like one!

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