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Do You Ship to Japan?

Absolutely!  And anywhere else in the world for that matter.  Believe it or not, we get asked that question a lot.  I guess to most people it might seem strange to ship a motorcycle halfway around the world, but not to us.  We welcome the challenge and are very excited to have a Stiletto representing Kingdom Customs in Japan.  The following photos show us packing up the Stiletto for it’s air freight journey to Japan.

This photo shows the base of our shipping crate.  A wooden saddle will be inserted along the middle of the base so that the frame is resting on solid wood.  Each tire will rest in the custom cut drop outs so that the entire weight of the bike is supported by the saddle. We do this so the suspension does not have to be compressed for long periods of time during shipping.  As you can see, every surface that makes contact with the bike is covered in carpet to eliminate any potential scratches in the paint.

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