Kingdom Customs Motorcycle Company LLC is a manufacturer of distinctively designed, high performance custom motorcycles. We are committed to the highest standard of design excellence and strive to provide our customers with an exhilarating, ownership experience.

We build luxury class bikes that bear the tenor of high-end customs but are commissioned to ride. Many consider our bikes to be a work of art - one could say a masterpiece of performance and style.

The expression of every Kingdom Custom emphasizes our unique styling and dramatic contours. They are brought to life through traditional craftsmanship as each piece is custom formed by hand. This process bestows uniqueness to each part while still rendering a unified presentation in the completed work.

Beneath the beauty of our aggressive free form tones is a robustly engineered machine drawn from years of mechanical engineering and fabrication experience. Every Kingdom Custom is built to last with superb craftsmanship and top tier components.

We invite you to participate in the Kingdom Customs experience. Discover a new standard in which form integrates with function and performance.

Kingdom Customs - thrilling on the road and stunning to behold.